Zhangjiagang (China)

Zhangjiagang (China)
Zhangjiagang (China)

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  • Zhangjiagang — (Chinese: 张家港; pinyin: Zhāngjiāgǎng; Wade Giles: Chang chia kang; literally Zhang Family Harbor ) is a county level city in Jiangsu province, China, and is an administrative division of Suzhou City. Zhangjiagang s population is around 1,200,000,… …   Wikipedia

  • Zhangjiagang — (en chino: 张家港市, pinyin: Zhāngjiāgǎngshì ,literalmente puerto de Zhang ). Es una ciudad nivel condado en la provincia de Jiangsu,República Popular China. Es una ciudad nivel condado bajo la jurisdicción de la ciudad prefectura de Suzhou. Situada… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Zhangjiagang — Zhāngjiāgǎng · 张家港 Pays Chine Statut administratif Ville district Province Jiangsu Préfecture Suzhou Code postal 215600[1] Coordonnées …   Wikipédia en Français

  • China Wu Culture Expo Park — is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. In July 2008, the municipal CPC committee and Government of Wuxi decided to start this program. Not only does this park contain abundant remains of Wu Yue Culture, but also original agricultural… …   Wikipedia

  • Zhangjiagang — Die Stadt Zhangjiagang (张家港市) ist eine kreisfreie Stadt im Osten der Volksrepublik China. Sie gehört zum Verwaltungsgebiet der bezirksfreien Stadt Suzhou in der Provinz Jiangsu und liegt am Südufer des Jangtse Unterlaufs. Sie hat eine Fläche von… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Zhangjiagang Sports Center Gym — Das Zhangjiagang Sports Center Gym ist eine Mehrzweckhalle in Zhangjiagang. Die Halle bietet 3750 Zuschauern Platz. Das Zhangjiagang Sports Center Gym war Austragungsort der Canada Vs. China Women’s Basketball Challenge 2008, des National Table… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Top Ten der archäologischen Entdeckungen in China — Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Übersicht 1.1 2010 1.2 2009 1.3 2008 1.4 2007 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Huafang Jinling International Hotel Zhangjiagang (Zhangjiagang) — Huafang Jinling International Hotel Zhangjiagang country: China, city: Zhangjiagang (City) Huafang Jinling International Hotel Zhangjiagang Location The hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city.Rooms Hotel offers 371 guestrooms and… …   International hotels

  • Metropolitan regions of China — This article is about metropolitan regions in the areas under the jurisdictions of the two governments using China in their names, the People s Republic of China (commonly known as China or mainland China ) and the Republic of China (commonly… …   Wikipedia

  • List of cities in the People's Republic of China — According to the administrative divisions of the People s Republic of China (PRC), there are three level of cities, namely municipalities, prefecture level cities, and county level cities.Sub provincial cities are prefecture level, and Sub… …   Wikipedia

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